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You are too sensitive to unkind manifestations from others? Psychologist Margaret Paul explains what to do when faced with a stranger or his own negative energy.

“How can I avoid the negativity that other people splash out on me?”The client once asked me. Unfortunately, in no way. But you can learn how to control these waves of destructive emotions so that they do not hurt you too much.

Each of us is subject to mood swings. We now and then intersect with people who are currently in the spirit. One is furious with a morning quarrel with his wife, the other is offended by the boss, the third scared due to the diagnosis that the doctor made. The negative energy that they are crowded does not apply to us


, but directed precisely at us. As well, however, as we can involuntarily throw out our anxiety or irritation on someone.

Unfortunately, this is a common way to cope with the situation where our ego is injured. This “ejection” can happen at any time. If you do not have time to understand what is happening, even a stinging replica in the supermarket will be out of the rut. Or the fierce look that you see for the first time throw at you.

The reasons can only be guessed: perhaps this person is experiencing strong jealousy, humiliation, or you remind him of someone who he is angry with. It is possible that you yourself drilled him with a look, not even realizing this.

But most often, the waves of negativity come from people whom we know well: a partner, child, parents, boss, colleague or close friend. They can be recognized-at this moment something is usually compressed in the stomach or there is a heaviness on the heart. These sensations will let you know that there was an emission of negative energy – yours or a stranger. And the task is to notice these flows. And the empathy will help to cope with each of them.

Empage carries great energy, much more powerful than any negative emotions that you spill or get from someone. Imagine that negative energy is a dark room. And compassion is a bright light. At the moment when you turn on the light, the darkness disappears. Light is much stronger than darkness. So and with empathy. It, like a shield of light, is able to protect you from any negative energy.

How to achieve this? First of all, it is necessary to direct this energy of compassion to itself, fill the stomach, solar plexus or heart with it. And then you will hear his tips. You will immediately find out who the negative comes from – from you to others or from another person to you.

If you yourself are a victim, try to spread this empathy energy outside, and a protective field is formed around you. Negative energy will run into it like an obstacle, an invisible ball, and go back. You are inside this ball, you are safe.