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Unhealthy perfectionism or a commendable desire for perfection?

Always and in everything to be the best – isn’t that our parents taught us? Is it bad to be an excellent student or employee of the month? Healthy perfectionism helps to achieve their goals. The question is how a person copes with failures that are inevitably found https://northbreezefarmhouse.com/start-na-pin-ap-kak-zaregistrirovatsya-vybrat-igry-ispolzovat-mobilnye-prilozheniya-i-aktualnye-zerkala/ on the way. Psychologist Jessica Predor […]

Negative energy: how to confront?

You are too sensitive to unkind manifestations from others? Psychologist Margaret Paul explains what to do when faced with a stranger or his own negative energy. “How can I avoid the negativity that other people splash out on me?”The client once asked me. Unfortunately, in no way. But you can learn how to control these […]